Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sophie, the diary of a southern Belle (epilepsy)

Some of you (very few) know that Sophie (age 8) suffered 2 grand mal seizures last wknd. These were followed by a few petit mal seizures, i.e. over time the intensity of the seizures diminished. 

Sophie is back to herself & we haven't had any recurrences at any level. 

She has been to vet, all examinations including xray, urinalysis, T4, bloodwork have been within normal range for a lady of her age. 

Causes for a sudden onset of epilepsy can range from the usual idiopathic to brain tumor with change in blood chemistry, lyme & stress in between.  

I've elected not to do an MRI as the resolution to a brain tumor is a non-starter & is, in and of itself, painless.

So I've started to seek out other explanations for this sudden onset of seizures. I've settled on stress.

Within 24 hours of bringing Ziggy (a REALLY crazy, 7 mo old, fun loving, noisy, smart, FAST MOVING little thing into the house) Sophie suffered her first seizure. 

Although the cast of characters has not changed, we have gotten a handle on some of Ziggy's antics and restored some ORDER to the house. And, as I said, there have been no epileptic recurrences. 

I'm writing to ask if any of you have specifically had this kind of situation with a Bouvier and a new arrival that changed the dynamic of the household. 

If so I'd appreciate your comments, suggestions, advice. Condolences and that sort of thing are unnecessary (although the thought is appreciated). 

Sophie is a rescue. After conferring with her foster mom, we don't/can't get any more background health information on her first 7 years. We do know she was abused & basically abandoned. We do know she ran away from home & survived (feral) for 6 months, only to be returned to where she started. 

She's smart & sensitive -- especially to sticks, anger, etc. She shows some insecurity under certain circumstances & feels she must be in charge when we are out & about, i.e. very protective. She gets along famously with Stella. She may feel she lost control when Ziggy entered the picture but I am conjecturing. 

Please let me hear from you, the larger Bouvier community if you've had the experience I've described. 

I am posting this on every Bouvier group site that I know of and on my blog. 

You can respond below or to me privately.

Thanks so much. 


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