Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rotten Teeth

Stella Bella, 13.5 yrs young

For those of you who have older Bouvs (or even younger ones, for that matter) please take care of their teeth. If you don't brush them daily -- even if they have bones -- tartar builds up, infections occur, etc.

I can relate to you that Stella Bella -- age 14.5 -- is having a rebirth of sorts. 

No, she has not lost her lifelong caution & insecurities BUT she is now running (arthritically), is somewhat more excited about treats & wants to be out & about more since 6 rotten teeth were pulled from her mouth. 

I held my breath when I decided to have this done and & I am VERY glad I did !! As we all know these guys are quite taciturn, can take a lot of pain w/o complaint & I feel so guilty about what was clearly a failure on my part to realize Stella's discomfort over what must have been a long period. 

It's just that it's so damned hard to read her as there is so little to read in her reactions in the first place but I definitely see a difference in her behavior now. 

Yes, it is an added cost. Yes, your Bouv does have to undergo some form of anesthetic. But if if you decide to do it, be sure to discuss a course of antibiotics with your vet before the procedures. 

I pass this on to you all as a cautionary 'tail'. (For more Bouvier tails click here.

Hugs to all your Bouvs.