Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A dream..... is it time for a(nother) therapist?

A train stops within a hair of where I was standing with a brown friend & a young black woman. I pushed them out of the way just as the train started to roll again. As the open door to the engineer went by me, I yelled at him: 'slow down you idiot'.

Next thing I knew: a tall muscular college student (appears to be a black man) starts accusing my friend of fleeing with his girlfriend or something when in fact he was just commenting on train or asking her for directions. I get between them & when it continued, I suggest we all get a cup of coffee together.

Next I see us approaching a coffee stand like in a subway station. But my friend finds an open briefcase w some papers. To the left of us was a person behind a counter who told him to leave briefcase alone -- he ignores this advice. 

There seems to be a trail of paper which the others start to follow. Then the rest of  us follow suit. We run into a street bum in the dark passageway with his cart & ask him if he has seen a dead body, an idea gathered before for some unknown reason. 

The others go ahead of me as I continue to question the bum. Finally I continue walking down the dark corridor. There are two other women walking in the same direction. They are going to work.

We are stopped @ a steel door which is extremely heavy to open -- which I just manage to do -- and one of the ladies helps too. 

On the other side of the door, the corridor continues but around a corner we run into a wall of smoke (tear gas??). There are 3 or 4 people who have hit the floor to avoid the smoke / gas. Truman is hunched down too & I snuggle up to him & ty throw my arm over him. 

Ahead there are a bunch of cops (heavy duty) w a dead body. And I woke up