Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ban the niqab > women's rights or politics?

Personally, I find it interesting that Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon & Turkey ban it. They see it as a political statement.

In the United Stats it will eventually be seen as a matter of  religious freedom. And it has the makings of an interesting debate when it finally reaches our shores.

Read the reporting from one source here. And here's an editorial of interest (Monica C brought it to my attention) which frames part of the argument quite well except in matters of national security.

I wonder if the idea of the niqab in the U.S. will bring up visions of the hooded KKK? I'm not equating the two. I'm simply saying that the memory of hooded people running around doing disgusting things may be one of those elements that pops up when this issue emerges. Then, too, there are many SWAT type cops who don black masks revealing only their mouth & eyes. Pretty scary if you ask me.

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