Sunday, June 27, 2010

Movie Review > 'Solitary Man' starring Michael Douglas

'Solitary Man' stars Michael Douglas w Susan Sarandon, Danny DeVito & Mary-Louise Parker.

It took a lot of executive producers, producers, a couple of writers & two directors (I'm not sure how that works) to get this film to market. To me that usually means (1) it is a crappy film by some first timers starring unknowns or (2) when you have a cast like this one, it isn't your 'usual' Hollywood fare which is generally good in my book.

And so it was with 'Solitary Man', which felt like a thoughtfully constructed David Mamet play -- lots of interesting dialog with almost no action.

'Solitary Man' is the story about a man, a super car salesman, reminiscent of Gordon Gecko, also played so deliciously by Mr. Douglas -- who we watch on a downward spiral starting from a high flying New York City lifestyle, finally becoming the solitary man.

One piece of his storied existence collapses after another. And while on the one hand, we could feel sorry for him, on the other hand we feel he might be getting everything he deserves for having lived his arrogant, salesman, over-the-top life when the truth stopped mattering.

The character -- as played by Mr. Douglas -- walks this careful line throughtout the film so the audience can never quite commit to one camp or the other.

And while there are some minor scenes with the rest of this accomplished cast, this movie is all Michael Douglas. And like a mature Jeff Bridges in "Crazy Heart", Michael Douglas gets better with age in my opinion.

There's a depth & a realism to this role that almost makes one forget that he's Michael Douglas or maybe makes you marvel that it actually is Michael Douglas. Perhaps Mr. Douglas -- who's has had his share of ups & downs -- found some truth in the character based on his own experience from which to draw inspiration. However he did it, it worked.

I would give it four stars were I an actual reviewer. If you like thought provoking films, go see it. Don't go see it for laughs even though there are a few of those as well.

The official website is here.