Thursday, June 10, 2010

Great moments in political celebrity: JFK meets Marilyn. Nixon meets Elvis. Reagans meet King of Pop. McCain meets Snooki.

In the recently released “Jersey Shore Season 2 Sneak Peek.” [...] Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi stands in the middle of her pink bedroom with her eyes closed and her hands pressed to her hairline as her boyfriend mists her face with a third coating of spray-on tan. [...]

In the interview that follows this scene, Snooki takes aim at the Obama White House.

“I don’t go tanning-tanning anymore because Obama put a 10 percent tax on tanning, and I feel like he did that intentionally for us,” Snooki says. “McCain would never put a 10 percent tax on tanning because he’s pale and he would probably want to be tan.”

McCain responded by Twitter:

@Sn00ki u r right, I would never tax your tanning bed! Pres Obama's tax/spend policy is quite The Situation. but I do rec wearing sunscreen!