Saturday, May 08, 2010

A short essay on innocence

As we all know by now, a car bomb was found & disarmed near Times Square. The area was quickly evacuated, a major undertaking causing great disruption. Two days later a mysterious backpack appeared un-attended on 44th street causing the same reaction. It turned out to contain bottles of water & some other non-leathal materials. (A test, maybe?) 

Sometimes NYC subway riders are subjected to random backpack searches. Backpacks are not allowed in Yankee Stadium nor into Times Square when about a million people congregate to watch the crystal ball drop to signal a New Year. 

With that as a backdrop, Carol (my better half) commented somewhat ironically that, as she strolled through New Canaan, CT on her way to visit a girlfriend, she passed McKenzies News Stand, a very old establishment in the town & there -- next to the doorway -- she noticed a number of un-attended backpacks leaning against the building as they are not allowed inside the cramped store. She thought nothing of it nor should she have. Neither did the dozens of other people who walked on by that beautiful spring day.

I guess the madness that started the World Trade disaster hasn't affected every part of our lives. There are still innocent niches to be found & celebrated if we look for them. 

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