Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Department of Redundancy Department

I have heard all these phrases used at one time or another -- many by young television reporters -- particularly those working at smaller television stations. I may even have used one or two myself once upon a time but, if so, I have since broken myself of the habit. I promise.

Add your own to this ridiculous list. Then remember not to use them in conversation.
  • free gift
  • old heirloom
  • general consensus
  • 6am in the morning
  • hilariously funny
  • old antique
  • recorded earlier
  • in close proximity
  • hollow tube
  • regress back
  • reintroduce again
  • demented madman
  • co-partner
  • reiterate again
  • impeccably clean
  • unique individual
  • refer back
  • once & only
  • deja vu all over again

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