Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Comment > MSNBC pulls plug on 'anger show'

We may not be the 'angriest' country in the world but we emit our share, frequently influenced by our national leaders. Media carries the message aloft; think multi-viral. 

Anger is one of many legitimate emotional responses that one can have.  But contrived or un-controlled anger taken to an extreme -- a word that needs definition -- can be dangerous for a simple reason. 

Like love & other emotions, anger works on a different plane from logic like two parallel roads that never intersect. This makes for imbalance. 

So to have a rational discussion about anger is a good thing in my book.
Exploration & discussion can dissipate anger. Operating just below the boiling point is a lot better than boiling over. 

I never saw the show but it makes no difference. I'm only sorry that what is perceived as our current 'national' anger couldn't be discussed publicly. It would have been a good exercise.  

I applaud DD & MSNBC for trying. It was a good idea. I hope someone else picks up on the idea & runs with it.