Monday, March 27, 2017


Last night, as sleep time approached, Ziggy left our bedroom. Minutes later, I heard him whining quietly.

This is generally a first sign that he wants me to take him out or move to another room; something like that. But it wasn't a serious whine so I chose to ignore it.

But any cute mutt, worth his salt, knows how to manipulate his human.

And after a few minutes of gentle whining I got up, and walked to the hallway to see what was up. And there I found Ziggy, calmly sitting, staring at the (closed) door that leads to the guest bedroom.

Curious, I opened the door, turned on a night light & left Ziggy standing on the rug at the foot of the iron frame bed, BTW, it's the room where his crate resides. Maybe he wanted the security of his den?

I went back to reading in our bedroom & all was quiet; no more whining.

But curiosity got the better of me once again & so I ventured into the hallway to see what the Zigster was up to.

When he's too quiet, well, anyone who has a mischievous 4 legged companion, knows what that can mean. So I tiptoed down the hallway to find Ziggy sound asleep in the middle of the guest bed.

He had decided he wanted to sleep alone. The little shit!