Friday, August 17, 2012

Relaxing in the second decade of the 21st century

It was a beautiful day & I decided to visit my favorite cheese shop for a Parisienne sandwich (on a baguette) to be accompanied by a bottled French blood orange seltzer drink. 

With lunch in hand, I walked to a small patio area -- under two extremely old and tall white pines -- where there are a few tables with blue umbrellas. No one was else was around.

There was a gentle breeze & the grasses surrounding this little sitting area moved with the wind.

I took out my smart phone (a Samsung S3), clicked an icon, leaned in and said to the phone "listen to BB King". 

"Ding" it replied within seconds and presented me with five choices where I could listen to B.B.King. I selected the Spotify Radio service which immediately began broadcasting a B.B. King tune. 

I propped the smartphone up against my eye glasses which were on the table and listened for a few moments, then un-wrapped my sandwich, set it on a white napkin on the white table. Next I twisted the cap off the blood orange / seltzer drink & set that down next to the rest. 

And I sat for a while just listenting to the blues,  feeling the breeze. 

After a while I started munching on my sandwich, interspersing it with a few sips of red/organge colored drink. 

Half way through lunch, the music faded, an incoming phone call replacing it. It was the service center announcing that my car was ready for pickup. 

"Thanks", I said and ended the call as the sounds of B.B.King returned.

Carol called to say "hi". 

With lunch digested, 2 calls completed and a B.B. King radio concert under my belt, I was ready for the afternoon. 

I did feel the absence of Stella Bella & Sophie, my Bouv girls who are usually with me. This day I had to leave them home & I missed them.