Friday, July 06, 2012

Sophie & Stella Bella's Big Adventure

This morning Carol and I took only Stella on an errand, leaving Sophie behind for the first time. The Soph was not happy & a bit confused by the happening.

However, the sweetest thing occurred upon our return. 

Carol let Sophie out of the house. As usual, she charged full tilt to greet me, but this time only offered up a very quick hello & then ran off to Stella to smell where she had been, see if she was ok and to muzzle her a little. It was very touching.  ONLY after that did Sophie return to me for the longer, usual greeting ceremony. 

Later we took both girls to lunch with us. There's a nice restaurant named Toscana with a lovely, shaded patio where they know us. The girls join us at the table, get their own water bowl served to them & we lunch w/o incident as they are both incredibly well behaved. And if  there's anything suitable, they  get  left overs. Today they got some Chicken Paillard.

And today, being a special day, we followed lunch with a trip to Deborah Ann's -- the local sweet shop & ice cream parlor -- where Carol had her scoop of vanilla on a sugar cone, I had my toffee ice cream with  some hot fudge & Sophie had her own small dish of soft vanilla. Stella Bella just wasn't at all interested. 

As it's a bit crowded in the back of my little car, I've noticed that Stella does not make a move to jump into the back seat until she hears me tell Sophie to "move over" which she does.  Then & only then, does Stella join her 'sister' which barely works out but for short trips it's ok.  We get lots of looks, finger pointing, smiles & laughs around town.

However, there's definitely some gymnastics going on back there: Sophie sometime sits on Stella, Stella walks under Sophie to get to the other side & more. But there's not even a murmur of discontent. They are a great pair. Whoever said bitches can't get along with each other? 

My friends refer to me as Jan and his harem. Lucky me.