Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Is There A Dream Doctor in the House?

Office Scene: There are several people besides me in the office; co-workers. 

One is a white woman, who like me, is of indeterminate age, two are East Asia Indians, one woman, one man. Both are in their twenties. 

It is not clear what my function is in this office, nor that of the white woman, nor that of the East Asia Indian man who is slightly effete. 

The young woman, however, is a weathercaster who is prognosticating, presumably to an audience, altho no transmission equipment is in sight. She finishes her report & walks off the non-existing set, strides past my desk, while all the while talking about the weather, i.e. "the trees are swaying back & forth, the sun is coming up..." 

Then she stops, turns around & returns to her non-existent set where she retrieves and puts on her wool, calf-length, front buttoning overcoat and starts to walk out, again past my desk. 

There she is stopped (not physically) by the East Asian young man where the two engage in conversation that I cannot hear even though they stand  right next to my desk. 

After a short while, they both exit the space even though there is no door. This is odd. Also odd, is that it's not winter, i.e. there's no reason for an overcoat. 

I decide to leave the office too; not to follow them or anything like that. I just felt the urge to leave the office. But I was only wearing socks so I began searching for my shoes. There were quite a few scattered around my desk area but I couldn't find a like pair. This was frustrating & the anxiety increased as I continued the search through the scattered shoes. Turns out there was no like pair among them. 

I woke up.