Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dream Doctor: Help me out here > In January I dreamt about Tom Brokow


I was hired to write an article describing something which I had done & it was pretty good..... I thought. When I sent it off to person who hired me for job, s/he sent it back to me with a few cryptic notes at the bottom on two lines, very specific references which didn't make a lot of sense. There was no overall comment like I like it, I hate it, it needs a few tweaks, etc. These were suggestions like replace word #1 with word #2. Instead of fighting it, I was going to make the changes even though they didn't make much sense.

Tom Brokow stopped by for something & I asked him to read document for his comments. He made slight face indicating it was problematic & explained he was short on time. He was very polite but then he was dawdling. Tom was wearing a cowboy hat. 
Carol came home. Tom wanted to borrow a hammer, Carol started search. Meanwhile Tom agreed to look @ my article but I couldn't find it all of a sudden.

Can't remember who hired me but it surprised and pleased me. Don't remember why Brokow was at house but it was casual event & seemed natural. I respected his sageness.

Carol woke me up for breakfast.

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