Sunday, May 30, 2010

Loyalty > a forum dialog "sadly all true"

Person 1. Loyalty went out the window in the '80s when companies stopped seeing employees as people and started seeing them as "human resources". At that point, staff became another expense to manage and minimize. Manufacturing was the first major victim as companies would move production to cheaper labor markets (ultimately giving rise to China's current power).

Person 2. Nowadays, staff and even those in the executive suite don't see stability & loyalty from their management so there's no reason to offer any on their end.

Person 3. In short, loyalty no longer puts food on the table.

Person 4. Outstanding explanation. I just had a similar discussion at work last night, more specifically on the death of the manufacturing process in America.

Person 5. The only loyalty [anyone] needs to show is to himself and those he cares about.

Person 6. Sadly, all true.

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